Advance praise piles up for A SWOLLEN RED SUN

Seems people are liking A Swollen Red Sun, the new rural noir novel from Matthew McBride, author of the cult hit Frank Sinatra in a Blender

Dead End Follies says the book is "intimate in its tone, yet has a powerful sense of scope that illustrates the idiosyncratic, broken beauty of forgotten places."

Spinetingler Magazine says the novel "lets us into the minds of local losers, meth-crazed murderers, and decent folks in a tight spot alike, the book taking the time to really set up this fascinating world before tipping its hand and finally showing us how all these people are connected."

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Matt also spoke to the Gasconade County Republican about the book and his writing process. Here's an excerpt:

What made you set a book in Gasconade County?

Originally I just wanted to write a second book that was completely different from my first book. I was raised in this area and wanted to write about my life. The things I see when I look out my windows. The people I have known. The things you would read about in the paper every week. I’m fascinated by crime. I’m the kind of guy who roots for the bad guy in the movies. I like bad guys, and I like to write about them. Creatively, you have a lot of freedom. Lowlifes. Down-on-their-luck type people. There are a lot of them around these parts. This is very much a class book. It’s about addiction and the struggle that comes with it. It’s also about poor people doing what they can to get by—and more often than not, that means cooking meth. It’s an epidemic in this area and has been for years. So writing about tweakers cooking and selling meth just made sense to me. It is a world I know all too well, and I feel like I’ve captured that world about as honestly as anyone could have. But if you’re going to write about bad guys, you have to create a few good guys to balance them out.

In my books, sometimes the good guys are the bad guys.

Want to read the rest? Here's Part 1, and here's Part 2.

The book comes out June 17—pre-order it here, in paperback or eBook!

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