Anthony Quinn on the Daily Beast

Over at The Daily Beast, Anthony Quinn has an article about his major inspiration for his new novel, Silence: his grade school teacher, Father Faul, a priest who used the collar as a shield for his activities during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Father Faul kept much of his extracurricular activities secret from the students, and Quinn remembers his primarily as a strict disciplinarian and a careful teacher. But wild rumors circulated among the children about his heroic stance against the paramilitary skirmishes of the time, and of a book he'd written documenting the atrocities committed by British troops during the war. 

When Quinn finally layed his hands on the storied volume, he found that the horrors it contains were too much for his young mind to handle. Only after years of reflection and adulthood was the author able to return to the text, and to draw from in to pen his newest novel, which has been hailed as being "among the best of the many crime novels that have tackled the Troubles." (Sunday Express). 

Quinn's article, which, aside from serving as a touching portrait of an important figure, illuminates the lives of those growing up amid the violence of the Troubles, can be read in full here

Visit Anthony Quinn's author page for more about the author and his works. 

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