Book Launch for Westlake's THE GETAWAY CAR

Way back in September, The Mysterious Bookshop hosted the book release party for The Getaway Car, University of Chicago Press’ stunning collection of Donald Westlake’s long-unpublished nonfiction miscellany. To celebrate the book, Editor Levi Stahl took the stage together with Abby Westlake and Lawrence Block.

For the next thirty-or-so minutes the three proceeded to entertain and charm the audience with anecdotes about the late MWA Grand Master, as well as with selections from his work. Good times were had by all, and now, thanks to our handy store iPad, those good times can be shared by mystery fans all around the world.

That’s right—we’ve just uploaded a video of the event onto our YouTube account.

For those who love Westlake, The Getaway Car is the perfect companion to his work in fiction. The pieces contained within alternate between revealing, humorous, and insightful. Fragments from an unfinished (and very funny) autobiography offer a glimpse into the personal life of the author, while appreciative essays about the writing of his peers, influences, and mentors illuminate the inspirations and intentions of his work. The volume also contains Westlake’s letters to friends and colleagues, interviews, and reflections on his own novels. And alongside all this, there are particularly notable selections such as an essay on the history of private eye fiction, a conversation between Westlake’s many pseudonyms, and a recipe for Sloth à la Dortmunder.

Unsurprisingly, the book is best suited for those already familiar with Westlake’s work; still, many of its contents are entertaining enough to be enjoyed by all. And if you aren’t already familiar with Westlake’s work, now would probably be a good time to catch up. A portion of the author’s backlist is available in eBook form at Dig in!

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