Condor in the Stacks, now an eBook!

James Grady’s Condor in the Stacks, a Mysterious Bookshop Bibliomystery, is now available in eBook form!

The novella features Grady’s beloved Condor, hero of such books as Six Days of the Condor and, in a decidedly less-exciting new role: library assistant. Having finished with psychiatric treatment for his post-traumatic stress, the ex-CIA agent is placed at the Library of Congress to calm his addled nerves. But as he struggles to separate reality from paranoid hallucination, Condor comes to suspect a deadly plot at work behind the library’s calm facade--a plot that, if real, could take him and the rest of the staff down with it. Whatever evil lurks behind the shelves, it must be stopped at any cost, but first Condor has to determine whether or not it’s real.

James Grady is the author of screenplays, articles, and over a dozen critically acclaimed thrillers. For more information, and more Condor eBooks, check out his author page here.

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