From Page to Screen: Evelyn Piper's The Nanny

Of our recently-acquired Evelyn Piper novels, perhaps the most immediately recognizable title is 1964’s The Nanny, which, in 1965, was made into the popular Bette Davis vehicle of the same name.

The film, directed by Seth Holt and produced by the British horror film studio Hammer Pictures, is a fairly faithful adaptation of the Piper novel. It features Davis as a caretaker to a boy left deeply disturbed after the death of his younger sister. But, as the boy’s condition declines instead of improving, it becomes clear that there is something sinister about the Nanny’s methods.

The Nanny is remembered, today, as one of the stand-out performances of Bette Davis’s career, and as one of the best non-horror films from the Hammer studio.

Check out a trailer for the film, which features several different British voices saying “Nanny,” below. Then go read Piper’s novel in eBook form, available here.

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