Mr. and Mrs. North are now available in eBook formats!

Frances and Richard Lockridge were some of the most popular names in mystery during the forties and fifties. Having written numerous novels and stories, the husband-and-wife team was most famous for their Mr. and Mrs. North mysteries. 

And now we've got them—all 26, starting with The Norths Meet Murder, first published in 1940. 

The Norths first came to life in 1936 as a series of vignettes, first for The New York Sun and then The New Yorker. They later were spun into a seris of novels, as well as adaptions for Broadway, film, television, and radio. 

The series was unusual for the time, in that Mrs. North often solved the cases, and Mr. North was mostly in the background. 

Here's more from the Turner Classic Movies website, comparing Mr. and Mrs. North to Nick and Nora Charles, the sleuthing couple made famous by Dashiell Hammett:

Although they solved a murder a week for years, they never see themselves as anything but amateurs. But they are puzzle solvers. And the Lockridges were accomplished at their craft. They knew how to construct them, put all the clues out there, and play fair with their audiences. The Charleses appealed to audiences because their carefree lifestyle represented Depression-era escapism to penthouses and martini shakers. They solved crimes, when they solved them (because Nick didn't really want to) for fun, to stave off boredom.

The Norths, on the other hand, represent a more mundane existence, not exactly carefree, but maybe one rung up the ladder from the lives of most of their audiences. They solve crimes because bodies, in effect, keep getting dumped on them.

We're very excited to be publishing these books—find them all here. 

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