New eBooks from Donald Westlake!

Donald E. Westlake wrote under several pseudonyms—and we've just released eBook editions of books he wrote under the names Tucker CoeJudson Jack Carmichael, Timothy J. Culver, and J. Morgan Cunningham.

We've got The Scared Stiff, which was published under the name Judson Jack Carmicheael (though the pseudonym was dropped for the UK release), and Ex Officio, which he published as Timothy J. Culver

Then we've got the five Mitchell Tobin novels he wrote under the name Tucker Coe (Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death; Murder Among Children; Wax Apple; A Jade in Aries; Don't Lie to Me).

Finally, we have Comfort Station, which he published as J. Morgan Cunningham.

The book included a blurb from Donald Westlake (and it read "I wish I had written this book!"). Comfort Station is incredibly rare, and we're thrilled to be offering it as an eBook—as well as the rest of these titles. 

Because, as the Los Angeles Times pointed out, "under any name, Westlake was a grandmaster.”

Find the eBooks here

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