Review: 'The Hot Rock' is a "comic masterpiece"

At the Scene of the Crime has a great review of The Hot Rock by Donald Westlake (and also some kind words for us, which, we're flattered). 

Here's an excerpt from the review: 

While The Hot Rock is not a traditional mystery—i.e. there is no “puzzle” to solve—in this case, that really can’t be used as a criticism since it’s never the point of the book. This is a heist novel à la Craig Rice (with all the hijinx but with only half the liqueur). So far this year, none of the books I’ve read have come evenclose to entertaining me as much as this book. There are so many moments that simply made me laugh out loud, and the book as a whole never gets dull. 

You can read the review of the review at this link. 

The Hot Rock is a gem of a book (ha! get it?), which you can find it right here. And here's a link to the rest of the Donald Westlake novels we've published. 

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