THEY DON'T DANCE MUCH in The Washington Post

Jonathan Yardley, a former colleague of James Ross, wrote about They Don't Dance Much in The Washington Post. It provides some fantastic insight, placing the book into historical and personal context. Here's an excerpt: 

By my reckoning, this superb first (and only) novel by James Ross has had five lives: a first printing in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin in 1940, a Signet paperback (abridged) in 1952, a Southern Illinois University Press hardcover in 1975, a Popular Library paperback in 1976 and, now, this handsome paperback, an edition that is also available as an e-book for $9.99. All that would seem more than enough to secure the novel’s place in American literature, hard-boiled-mystery division, but quite the contrary: Despite having been praised by Raymond Chandler and countless others along the way, “They Don’t Dance Much” remains pretty much as unknown to the reading public today as it has been throughout the past three-quarters of a century.

Read the rest of the piece at this link.

You can find the book in paperback and eBook formats here

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