'They Don't Dance Much' is PW 2013 staff pick!

Everett Jones, the assistant reviews editor at Publishers Weekly, picked our re-issue of They Don't Dance Much as his favorite book of the year! 

Here's what he had to say: 

They Don’t Dance Much by James Ross. Among the books I read in 2013, my favorite was published over 70 years ago and was unknown to me until this year. They Don’t Dance Much is the only novel by short story author and small town reporter James Ross, not exactly a household name anyway, and only made its way onto my desk thanks for a reissue from Mysterious Press and Open Road Media. Set in rural North Carolina, the book evokes classic American crime writers like Dashiell Hammett and James M. Cain. Here, however, the expected murder, theft and adultery is just the stuff that happens in between the book’s real subject, which is the endless talk–aimless, cruel, hilarious, wise, absurd, and glorious-with which Ross’s characters pass the endless hours at the River Bend Roadhouse. The narrator, who over the course of the story comes increasingly under the sway of the roadhouse’s charismatic sociopath of an owner, isn’t just hard-boiled, but practically without affect, equally unperturbed whether he’s tending bar or burying bodies in beer stills.

See the entire list here, and find They Don't Dance Much in paperback and eBook at this link

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