Gamblers Don't Win by W.T. Ballard

Gamblers Don't Win by W.T. Ballard

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Lennox takes on a gang of race-fixing gamesters

Horse racing has returned to Los Angeles, and the bright lights of Hollywood are flocking to the track. When a General-Consolidated studio executive buys an interest in a prime nag, studio troubleshooter Bill Lennox makes a point of keeping an eye on the horse. He smells a rat during the first race; the jockey rides the horse softly, finishing near the bottom of the pack. That night, Lennox gives the man a simple warning: Either ride the studio horses honest, or don’t ride them at all.

The jockey is terrified—not of Lennox, but of the gamblers who paid him to throw the race. He tries to stand up to them, but it’s no more than a few hours before his newfound nerve gets him killed. Lennox has to clean up the track before more innocents die—in a race against corruption that is sure to come down to a photo finish.

Featuring an introduction by Keith Alan Deutsch.

“This is one of the Hollywood tough ones.” —The New York Times on Say Yes to Murder

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