Rough Justice by Frederick Nebel

Rough Justice by Frederick Nebel

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In the sweltering back alleys of St. Louis, a tough dick tracks a killer

His name is Donahue, and he's the hardest private detective in the United States. From seedy hotel rooms to penthouse suites, he won't back down even when the bullets fly. Today he's in St. Louis, tailing a two-bit crook named Micky Shane, who's stumbled onto a job too big for him to handle. When Donahue's contact is found murdered by the river, the police begin to crowd in. Donahue will break through to the truth the only way he knows how-with his fists. The St. Louis summer is scalding, and this New York investigator is about to come to a boil.

This is the story that introduced Donahue to the readers of Black Mask, where the popular PI went on to appear more than a dozen times. Hard-boiled and grimly funny, the adventures of Donahue have lost none of their power to thrill.

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