Tough as Nails by Frederick Nebel

Tough as Nails by Frederick Nebel

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The complete collection of fifteen stories starring one of pulp fiction’s most hardened PIs, with accompanying illustrations

It’s hot in St. Louis, and Donahue is looking for a hired gun. An ex–New York cop who got canned from the NYPD after raiding the wrong gambling joint, Donahue has spent four years on the job as a private detective—punishing work that’s turned him from a tough customer into one of the most hard-boiled operatives in the country.

A killer named Mickey Shane has skipped New York for St. Louis, and Donahue has come to find him. When he does, it won’t be good for Donahue—but it’ll be a whole lot worse for Shane.

In his days writing Donahue stories for Black Mask magazine, Frederick Nebel was as popular and well respected as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. Although his name is no longer widely known, these classic tales of two-fisted justice have lost none of their grit or their bite.

Featuring an introduction by Will Murray. 

“A first rate, virile piece of story-telling.” —The New York Times on Fifty Roads to Town

“[Frederick Nebel is] a hero of pulpdom.” —Thrilling Detective

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