You'll Always Remember Me by Steve Fisher

You'll Always Remember Me by Steve Fisher

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In military school, a teenager holds a secret that could save a young man from the gallows

Clark’s is the finest military institution on the West Coast, but pay them enough and they’ll take anybody. That’s how Martin Thorpe ended up there, a fourteen-year-old boy with a habit of getting thrown out of boarding schools. Too smart for his own good, Thorpe is currently obsessed with the trial of Tommy Smith—a young man who has just been sentenced to hang for murdering his father. Thorpe has been dating Tommy’s sister, was at the house the night of the murder, and may know something that could save Tommy’s life.

The detective investigating the case has questions for Thorpe. Why were Tommy and his father fighting that night? What did Thorpe hear the old man say before he was killed? And why does Thorpe have such a blood-stained permanent record? In this chilling Black Mask classic, nothing is more terrifying than what lurks at the back of the mind of Martin Thorpe.

Featuring an introduction by Keith Alan Deutsch.

“Fisher deserves a place on the short list of influential innovators of the noir thriller.” —Woody Haut, author of Pulp Culture

“A story so rare in quality that its first person narrative still shocks us.” —Keith Alan Deutsch

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