Catch-as-Catch-Can by Charlotte Armstrong

Catch-as-Catch-Can by Charlotte Armstrong

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In a villa on the California coast, a murderer stalks a young heiress

Laila Breen is a strangely naïve girl. Her father Jonas is an adventurer, a robber baron who made his fortune traveling exotic climes. Laila speaks French and knows how to order fine food, but she cannot read a newspaper and can barely write her own name. Jonas settles in California, planning to get this strange eighteen-year-old tutored in the ways of practical life. He dies soon after, leaving his daughter rich, clueless, and alone.

Her only friend is Dee Allison, a cousin who tries to help Laila even after the orphan catches the eye of Dee’s fiancé. Standing in Dee’s way is a gang of relatives who care more about Laila’s fortune than her future. When a housekeeper falls victim to poisoning, Dee fears for Laila. For a young girl with money, nothing is more dangerous than family.

“Lurid and unusual . . . Miss Armstrong [outdoes] herself on the villain.” - New York Times

“A suspense tale you’ll want to read in one sitting.” - Spokane Daily Chronicle 

“If you’ve read Charlotte Armstrong before, you’ll know you’re in for an excellent, well-written suspense story.” - Montreal Gazette

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