Checkpoint Charlie by Brian Garfield

Checkpoint Charlie by Brian Garfield

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A dozen stories tracking the CIA’s most adept—and unusual—spy

There are no more spies like Charlie Dark. An old-timer whose experience stretches back to the Second World War, his main distinction is that after decades playing the game he is still alive. He is overweight, clumsy, and afraid of guns—a nonconformist in an agency built on toeing the line. Though his superiors hate him for his eccentricities, they privately admit that he may be the best spy they have.

Charlie travels the globe in these twelve stories, working in Berlin, Moscow, Africa, and Asia. He fights a female assassin in Dar es Salaam, and looks for a computer chip lost in the permanent snows of the Aleutian Islands. He adapts continuously, for each adventure is a new puzzle, and a new opportunity to die.

“Anybody settling down with a Garfield book is in for a good time.” - New York Times 

“A scintillating, talented writer.” - Newsday

“Garfield builds diverse, rough, full-blooded people and sets them on a collision course.” - Robert Ludlum, author of The Bourne Identity

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The Mysterious Press previously published a limited edition of 250 hardcover copies of Checkpoint Charlie. These collectors' editions are signed by Brian Garfield and kept in protective slipcovers. A small number are still available, for $25 each, plus shipping. If you're interested in buying one, please make contact with us at