The Turret Room by Charlotte Armstrong

The Turret Room by Charlotte Armstrong

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A spurned husband confronts the family of the girl who threw him out

The walk from the mental hospital takes Harold Page three days. After two years inside, he cannot start his new life until he confronts the family who put him away. He was poor when he married Wendy Whitman, and their wealth still terrifies him. When their first child was born deaf, the Whitmans tricked Harold into a divorce, saying that he assaulted Wendy. She got the baby; he got a straitjacket. Now that he’s out he has come to say goodbye, but the Whitmans are not through with him yet.

The night before he arrives, Wendy’s mother is attacked by a man who she swears is Harold. Wendy’s brother vows to kill him, but Harold does not run. It is time to put the Whitmans in their place.

“This precise study in family relationships, at once warm and chilling, is a beautifully calculated melodrama-plus, with a nicely adjusted sense of exactly when and how to turn the screw.” - New York Times

“One of the few authentic spell-casting witches of modern times.” - Anthony Boucher, author of Nine Times Nine

“Charlotte Armstrong is the American queen of suspense novelists.” - New York Telegraph

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