The Unsuspected by Charlotte Armstrong

The Unsuspected by Charlotte Armstrong

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A dead girl’s closest friend goes undercover to unmask a killer

Why did Rosaleen Wright hang herself in a soundproof room? She left an unsigned note, peppered with stiff religious references and no trace of her trademark vitality or wit. The police believe it was suicide, but Rosaleen’s best friend, Jane, is suspicious. To prove Rosaleen was murdered, she takes a job with the man who killed her.

Luther Grandison, Rosaleen’s boss, is a New York theatrical impresario with a lethal charm. To the world at large, he’s powerful and charismatic, but Rosaleen’s letters to Jane described a greedy man who stole from his adopted daughter when his bank account ran low. Jane thinks Grandison killed her to protect his secret, but to prove it she will have to face down one of the finest murderers Broadway has ever seen.

“Suspense enough to spare.” - New York Times

“Expertly handled.” - New Yorker

“Swift and exciting.” - New Republic

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via Wikipedia:

The Unsuspected is a 1947 black-and-white film noir directed by Michael Curtiz, and starring Claude Rains, Audrey Totter, and Joan Caulfield. The film was based on the novel written by Charlotte Armstrong.

The story involves a woman who is found dead hanging from a chandelier in a posh mansion occupied by Victor Grandison, a popular "true crime" radio story host.

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