Dead Man's Tale by Ellery Queen

Dead Man's Tale by Ellery Queen

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A fixer hunts down a man in Europe for the sake of his lover’s fortune

In 1943, Barney Street was flying a bombing mission over Holland when the Germans knocked his plane out of the sky. He bailed out at the last minute and was rescued from the Nazis by a Czech officer named Milo Hacha. Decades later, Street is dead, and his widow is desperate to get her greedy mitts on his estate. There’s just one problem: His will leaves every cent to Hacha, who disappeared years ago. Street’s widow hires her lover, Steve Longacre, to go to Europe in search of the missing benefactor. If he’s dead, all is well. If not, Longacre will have to kill him.

From Holland to Switzerland and beyond the Iron Curtain, Longacre stalks the Czech’s trail. He may have come for money, but he’ll be lucky to escape with his life.

“Ellery Queen is the American detective story.” —Anthony Boucher, author of Nine Times Nine

“A new Ellery Queen book has always been something to look forward to for many years now.” —Agatha Christie

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