Foxcatcher by William H. Hallahan

Foxcatcher by William H. Hallahan

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Meet Robert McCall, a man sinking deep into the seamy underside of intelligence work, into activities he knows are both illegal and immoral. Now McCall sees a chance to redeem himself by thwarting a daring plot to smuggle America’s most lethal high-tech war material to Iran. It’s a chance he’s ready to kill for.

The likely victim: Charlie Brewer, a brilliant, embittered former intelligence operative who is desperate for answers. He was framed for an illegal arms deal and doesn’t know why; he’s been released from prison and doesn’t know why; he thinks he’s been marked for murder and doesn’t know why. When Brewer is approached by Iran’s most ruthless secret agent, he realizes treason may be the price of survival.

“Up there with The Day of the Jackal for consistently sustained excitement.” —Gregory McDonald

“The pace is smoothly breakneck, the plot wonderfully intricate and clear, the characters richly diverse. The pleasure of this satisfying thriller is increased by its effective humor and some delicious twists at the end.” —Publishers Weekly