Murder Among Children by Donald E. Westlake

Murder Among Children by Donald E. Westlake

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For the sake of a distant cousin, Mitch Tobin takes on an impossible case

On the outskirts of Greenwich Village, among a wasteland of warehouses and tenements, a group of young people are opening a coffee shop. They are idealistic, giddy, and beautiful—the picture of 1960s youth—but their optimism cannot last. When a corrupt detective comes around demanding regular bribes, one of the young hippies, Robin Kennely, asks for help from a distant relative, the honest but fallen former cop Mitchell Tobin. When Tobin visits the coffee shop for the first time, he finds Robin in a state of shock, clutching a knife and covered in blood.

Two corpses lie upstairs. It seems impossible that anyone but Robin could have killed them, but for the sake of a group of children whose lives are so much brighter than his own, Tobin attempts to prove otherwise.

“Westlake’s ability to construct an action story filled with unforeseen twists and quadruple-crosses is unparalleled.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Under any name, Westlake was a grandmaster.” —Los Angeles Times

“No one can turn a phrase like Westlake.” —Detroit News and Free Press

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