Red Light by T. Jefferson Parker

Red Light by T. Jefferson Parker

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A religious prostitute’s murder forces Merci to suspect the man she loves

Aubrey Whittaker is nineteen, God-fearing, and good at her job. The men of Orange County love the statuesque beauty—at least, the men who can afford her. She is watching an evangelist preach on television, just finished with her last date of the night, when she hears a knock at the door. Death waits on the other side.

It has been two years since ambitious young detective Merci Rayborn made the worst mistake of her life, getting her partner killed and leaving her unborn son without a father. As she tries to put herself back together, she starts dating Mike McNally, a well-respected and religiously devout cop. But when McNally becomes a suspect in the dead prostitute’s murder, Merci is forced to choose between love and justice. And to finish grieving for her murdered lover, she may have to put her newest one behind bars.

“Tricky plots, driven heroes, runaway action . . . you get all that in Red Light.” - New York Times

“Solidifies [Parker’s] status as one of the most entertaining tough-guy writers.” - Esquire

“Parker’s latest sizzles along, an infectious blend of atmosphere, action and passion.” - Publishers Weekly

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