The Dead of Winter by William H. Hallahan

The Dead of Winter by William H. Hallahan

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Edgar Award Finalist for Best First Mystery: “Eerie . . . A book you will gulp down” (The New York Times).

Lyons, Basche, and Tyler—three ordinary guys—find their fourth poker night partner, Reece, fatally beaten on the floor of his apartment. Reece was a quiet, unassuming fellow but he had one outstanding trait: his fabulous memory. On Friday nights he could recall every card that was played. Yet his final slurred words were: “I don’t remember.”

His three remaining friends, shocked by the indifference of the police, form their own tribunal of retribution: to find the people who had used Reece so ruthlessly and who had disposed of him in the same way; to deal with the assassins with a like kind of justice; and to ferret out the “lost” information that cost Reece his life. Their motivation and their mission culminate in an unforgettable Edgar Award-nominated tale. 

“Breathtaking and tough.” —Library Journal