Danger in the Dark by Mignon Eberhart

Danger in the Dark by Mignon Eberhart

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On the eve of her wedding night, a bride-to-be loses her fiancé

Dennis comes home as soon as he learns that Daphne is about to marry. Though they are both Havilands, raised in the same house, she is no more than a distant cousin, not related by blood, and he has loved her since they were young. He arrives in Chicago the night before the wedding, determined to stop her from giving Ben Brewer her hand. Their passion flares, and she agrees to meet him that night to plan their future together. Both lovers arrive in time for the rendezvous, but there is another surprise: Brewer’s bloody corpse.

The evidence against Dennis and Daphne is insurmountable. Fight as they may to evade police suspicion, the hangman’s noose slips ever tighter around their necks. They are finally together—but will they be joined for eternity at the altar, or the gallows?

“Any story by Mrs. Eberhart is sure to be good, and this one is certain to add to her reputation.” - New York Times 

“A star writer.” - H.R.F. Keating, author of Crime and Mystery: The 100 Best Books 

“One of America’s favorite writers.” - Mary Higgins Clark

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