Fair Warning by Mignon Eberhart

Fair Warning by Mignon Eberhart

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Trapped in an evil man’s house, a young wife searches for an escape

Though she can’t admit it to anyone, the day of her husband’s car accident is one of the best days in Marcia Godden’s short life. After three years of marriage to Ivan, she has seen his darkest side, and now his very footsteps are enough to make her shudder. A guilty thrill goes through her when she hears of his accident, only to be replaced by terror when she learns that her husband is going to live.

For four glorious, peaceful weeks, Ivan remains in the hospital. In the relief of this temporary freedom, Marcia confides in her neighbor, cheerful, handsome Robert Copley, and soon falls in love with him. Not long after her husband’s return from the hospital, Marcia finds Ivan stabbed in the chest, and police suspicion falls on her. To save herself from prison, she must prove herself innocent of the murder of the one man she most wanted dead.

“Mrs. Eberhart has written many excellent mystery stories, but in none of them has she presented a more baffling problem than in this one.” - New York Times

“This season’s model detective story. . . . Airtight.” - New Yorker

“Mignon Eberhart’s name on mysteries is like sterling on silver.” - Miami News

“One of America’s favorite writers.” - Mary Higgins Clark

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