The Hangman's Whip by Mignon Eberhart

The Hangman's Whip by Mignon Eberhart

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A Chicago socialite braves death to save her beloved from the gallows

Search Abbott is high over Chicago when Howland proposes marriage, but her heart is far away. Since childhood she has loved Richard Bohan, and her passion has not dimmed in the three years since he made the mistake of marrying Eve. Howland has few kind words for Richard, but Search’s heart cannot be moved. She declines him, and leaves to visit her Aunt Ludmilla, a kindly old woman who claims she is being poisoned.

She finds Richard staying at Ludmilla’s estate, and all her old feelings come rushing forth. His marriage is finished, he says, as he takes Search in his arms. But joy is fleeting—Eve will never let him go. Search’s hatred for her rival evaporates the moment she finds Eve dangling from a hangman’s noose. The woman was murdered, and the police are going to take Richard away.

“The suspense . . . mounts steadily. . . .Mignon Eberhart, who has written many excellent mystery stories, has seldom, if ever, produced one better than The Hangman’s Whip.” - New York Times 

“Frilly stuff built on a sound structure, with love abounding.” - New Yorker

“Mignon Eberhart’s name on mysteries is like sterling on silver.” - Miami News

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