The Porkchoppers by Ross Thomas

The Porkchoppers by Ross Thomas

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Two hard-nosed bosses scrap for control of America's largest union

Born to a steelworker but harboring theatrical aspirations, Donald Cubbin grew up tempted by two careers. A Hollywood scout finally notices him, but Cubbin has already taken a job with the local union boss. He's always regretted that decision-especially now.

After decades climbing the ranks, Cubbin runs the show as the union's president. An election looms, and his opponent proves to be a dangerously loose cannon. Cubbin made dozens of enemies over the years, and one has just engaged a hired killer. The fight for Cubbin's job starts with muckraking but could end in murder.

“Ross Thomas is without peer in American suspense.” —The Los Angeles Times

“What Elmore Leonard does for crime in the streets, Ross Thomas does for crime in the suites.” —The Village Voice

“A first-rate political novel of manners . . . the pace is superb, the plot brilliantly intricate, the dialogue crackling and witty.” —National Review

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