The Quiet Dogs by John Gardner

The Quiet Dogs by John Gardner

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As the KGB closes in, Kruger will do anything to save his most important agent

Though he may look oafish, Big Herbie Kruger is one of Her Majesty’s finest, and it takes a stroke of genius for the KGB to capture him. When all appears lost, he escapes and returns to England, but finds that though he survived the ordeal, his reputation didn’t. His old colleagues fear he has been compromised, and an agent under suspicion is no agent at all.

Given a desk job out of courtesy, Kruger soon finds a way to escape the office. In Moscow, the agent who captured him is circling around one of Kruger’s greatest informants—the high-level spy who leads the dissident group known as “the quiet dogs.” After a year out of the game, Big Herbie is about to be given one last throw of the dice.

“The spy novel in excelsis.” —The Times

“[Gardner] has a first-rate intelligence chief in Big Herbie Kruger.” —The Daily Telegraph

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