The Valley of the Fox by Joseph Hone

The Valley of the Fox by Joseph Hone

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Driven from his home, a former spy disappears into the wilderness

After decades in the British Intelligence, Peter Marlow no longer has the heart for conflict. He retires to the countryside with his second wife, Laura, and her daughter, Clare, an eleven-year-old autistic girl who reminds Peter what he spent all those years fighting for. But Peter’s past is not through with him—a killer has come to seek revenge for a long-forgotten feud. His bullet misses Peter but strikes Laura, destroying in an instant what had taken Peter a lifetime to build.

With Clare in tow, Peter disappears into the woods, going underground while he plans his revenge. Armed only with a bow, camouflage, and his knowledge of the surrounding woods, Peter prepares to confront his old enemy. Although he’s lost his appetite for espionage, he will risk everything to protect Clare.

“Espionage action of the Deighton or le Carré variety.” —The New York Times

“[Hone’s] tone is nearly perfect—quiet, morbidly ironic, beautifully controlled and sustained, moodily introspective, occasionally humorous and more often bitter, with a persistent undertone of unspeakable sadness and irrecoverable loss.” —The Washington Post

“Mr. Hone writes Len Deighton into the ground . . . goes roaring confidently up to the front line.” —New Statesman

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