Short Money by Pete Hautman

Short Money by Pete Hautman

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Desperate for cash, small town cop Joe Crow takes a security job that could cost him his life

Joe Crow celebrates his thirty-third birthday in his patrol car, watching for speeders and sniffing fat lines of cocaine. A depressed cop with a faltering marriage, a rotten stomach, and an increasingly expensive drug habit, Crow is just looking for a drink and a poker game when he steps into Birdy’s. Instead, he meets a man who might be able to save his life—or destroy it.

He first notices Dr. Nelson Bellwether when the liposuction expert has a chair smashed over his head. A surgeon with a big mouth, a gambler’s personality, and some serious debt to the IRS, he’s on his way to deep trouble, and he’s going to bring Crow along for the ride. Dr. Bellwether needs a bodyguard, and Crow is his man. Pretty soon, this small town cop will wish he had a bodyguard of his own.

“A comic bedtime story for grown-up kids with perverse tastes in crime fiction.” —The New York Times

“Another riotous carnival of larcenous fun à la Elmore Leonard . . . Joyfully loony—as blissful as a ton of cotton candy.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The novel on American lowlife that Charles Dickens might have written.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

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