Impact by Stephen Greenleaf

Impact by Stephen Greenleaf

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A legal battle turns violent in the aftermath of a tragic plane crash

The fog is thick as SurfAir 617 readies to land. Onboard, a mother consoles her daughter, two children reminisce about Disneyland, flight attendants flirt with each other, and two lovers agonize over their infidelity. None of them know they are minutes from death. Then SurfAir 617 drops out of the sky, the pilots blinded by the fall, and explodes onto the runway. Only eighteen of more than one hundred passengers survive.

The families of the victims soon find themselves under siege by ruthless lawyers and corrupt insurance investigators who will do whatever it takes to cheat them out of their rightful settlements. In retaliation, lawyer Keith Tollison dives into the jungle of aviation law—and a fight to prove that SurfAir 617 should never have been cleared to fly.

“Greenleaf takes readers on a turbulent adventure. . . . [A] complex, richly satisfying legal thriller.” —Publishers Weekly

“Splendid . . . Suspenseful . . . A harsh indictment of the airline industry and its regulators.” —Library Journal

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