Murder Saves Face by Haughton Murphy

Murder Saves Face by Haughton Murphy

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To save his old firm, Reuben Frost must find a killer in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen

It’s the last business day of the year and Tom Henderson is alone in the library of prominent Wall Street law firm Chase & Ward. He’ll be out the door as soon as he grabs one last volume of case law from the sleek compact shelving system recently installed in the firm’s new Clinton Plaza building. But when the shelves slide open, they reveal the mangled body of a senior associate lying dead in the stacks.

The victim had few friends—and many enemies—and the killer could’ve come from anywhere in New York. Has a murderer infiltrated Chase & Ward, or is someone inside the firm committing sinister deeds? It falls to Reuben Frost, the firm’s most respected retired member, to answer that awful question.

“Murphy wittily skewers modern business and morality as his urbane sleuth . . . neatly apprehends another murderer.” —Publishers Weekly

“Reuben Frost is an original and appealing invention, a perfect new hero.” —The New York Times on Murder for Lunch

“Murphy’s sketches of Wall Street law-life are shrewd, deglamorizing, drily amusing.” —Kirkus Reviews on Murder for Lunch

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