Murder Times Two by Haughton Murphy

Murder Times Two by Haughton Murphy

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The murder of an eccentric millionaire presents a deadly puzzle for Reuben Frost

When Tobias Vandermeer, heir to one of New York’s great real estate fortunes, required a quiet divorce, there was no lawyer more equipped than Reuben Frost. A cheerful drunk with a knack for jazz piano, Vandermeer and Frost remained friends—right up until the day the former drops dead in the midst of a reading club dinner. The poison found in his bloodstream makes Vandermeer’s death a murder; his fabulous wealth makes it a scandal.

Frost senses a clue in the deceased’s latest needlepoint effort: a scene from the devastating satire Vanity Fair, the book club’s latest subject. But eliminating suspects and finding his old friend’s killer will require an angry call to the mayor, a trip to Rio, and at least one more death.

“A pleasant, ever-so-civilized diversion.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Reuben Frost is an original and appealing invention, a perfect new hero.” —The New York Times on Murder for Lunch

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