The Seventh Enemy by William G. Tapply

The Seventh Enemy by William G. Tapply

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Taking sides on gun control, Brady ends up in the line of fire

Over drinks one night at his Boston waterfront apartment, goodhearted lawyer Brady Coyne finds himself disagreeing with an old friend about a divisive subject: gun control. Wally Kinnick is no gun nut. But, an environmental activist and hunting expert, he believes so strongly in the right to bear arms that he has come to Boston to testify against an assault weapons ban. When he changes his position at the last minute, he finds himself with a bullet in the gut.

Wally is public enemy number one on a recently released list of opponents to the second amendment; Brady is number seven. To keep himself from becoming another trophy on the wall, Brady must find the men who targeted his friend—before the right to bear arms deprives him of his right to live.

“[Brady Coyne] is one of the most credible, likable part-time detectives around.” —Booklist

“Brady Coyne becomes more interesting with every Tapply book.” —The Boston Globe

“Mr. Tapply has a smooth and sophisticated style, interlarded with humor.” —The New York Times

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