The Spotted Cats by William G. Tapply

The Spotted Cats by William G. Tapply

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When an aging big-game hunter is robbed, Brady goes on a leopard hunt

Six years after the leopard attack that ended his career as a professional hunter, Jeff Newton is broken, crippled, and ready to die. His only pleasure is the occasional visit from Brady Coyne, Jeff’s no-nonsense Boston lawyer who’s come to Cape Cod to pay his respects to the old man.

As always, Brady is entranced by the ex-hunter’s houseful of trophies, none more dazzling than the seven Mexican leopard figurines. Solid-gold statues with jewels for eyes, they are priceless, beautiful—and about to be stolen.

The thieves club Jeff, cut Brady, and escape with the golden cats, leaving the two men for dead. Jeff ends up in a coma, and Brady sets out to retrieve the trophies. If the old hunter ever wakes up, Brady wants the leopards to be there to greet him.

“[Tapply is] a major-league mystery novelist. His stories are lean, his characters textured and convincing.” —The Boston Globe

“Simply put, William G. Tapply is the best there is today.” —Chicago Tribune

“Practiced and talented, author Tapply exhibits fine form.” —Library Journal

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