Boston Blackie by Jack Boyle

Boston Blackie by Jack Boyle

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Whether he is fighting the police or the criminal underworld, Boston Blackie always stands up for what’s right

Sure, Boston Blackie is a jewel thief and a safecracker, but he’s a criminal with code. He ensures that the worst villains get what’s coming to them while the honorable ones stay out on the street—where, like Blackie, they do more good than harm.

In this classic collection of adventures, with his dependable wife and getaway driver, Mary, by his side, Blackie gets into and out of a dizzying array of tight spots. He escapes from prison, saves a friend from the gallows, and pulls off the gold bullion heist of a lifetime. Later adapted into serials, movies, and TV shows, Boston Blackie’s exploits are some of the most thrilling in all of crime fiction.

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Between 1918 and 1927, numerous silent films were produced featuring Boston Blackie. In 1941, Columbia Pictures revived the character for fourteen more pictures starring Chester Morris, with production continuing throughout the decade. Later, a television series was based on the character, and aired 58 episodes. 

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