Bulldog Drummond Returns by H. C. McNeile

Bulldog Drummond Returns by H. C. McNeile

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Caught in a deadly conspiracy, a young man stumbles into the only person who can help: Bulldog Drummond

Far from home, Marton staggers across a foggy moor, evil in close pursuit. A shot whizzes past his ear and Marton thinks his time has come. He is about to give up when he sees a house up ahead and finds new strength. Inside the isolated cottage, Bulldog Drummond, tough-nosed defender of England, has been bored for weeks and is grateful for the company, as out-of-breath and terrified as Marton may be. Before hearing his guest’s story, Drummond goes to make drinks. When he returns, Marton is gone.

Drummond’s only clues are a name—Comtessa Bartelozzi—and a newspaper article that suggests Marton’s father recently killed himself. Soon, however, England’s greatest hero discovers that the mysterious young man is caught up in a sinister plot that threatens to destabilize the entire nation. Saving Marton and keeping England free will mean risking life and limb, but Bulldog Drummond was never cut out for a quiet life in the country.

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