Mortal Memory by Thomas H. Cook

Mortal Memory by Thomas H. Cook

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A withdrawn architect revisits the darkest moment of his childhood

Steve Farris was nine years old in 1959, the youngest child in a family that was about to be snuffed out. Around four o'clock on an ordinary November afternoon, Steve's father loaded his shotgun. With calm precision he killed his teenaged son and daughter, and then turned the weapon on his wife.

For two hours he waited for his youngest son to come home from school. When Steve did not appear, his father drove away, disappearing for good. Now a successful architect, Farris has spent his life avoiding the memories of that dark day. But questions from an author writing a book about the crime bring back impressions from the days leading up to the killing. For the first time he must confront his awful past, and the terrifying possibility that his father had a reason for what he did.

“The deceptively simple writing is harrowing . . . the ending to this chilling study in psychological suspense is a dizzying jolt.” - Publishers Weekly 

“Insightful . . . unusually affecting.” - Los Angeles Times Book Review

“[Cook] displays an impressive narrative simplicity and a therapist’s insightfulness, producing a finely crafted psychological crime-fare.” - Kirkus Reviews

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