Rainbow's End by James M. Cain

Rainbow's End by James M. Cain

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A hijacker and his hostage escape to a very strange, very dangerous farm

Since his father died, every Saturday night has been the same for Dave and his mother. She starts by talking—aimless, weird fantasies about get-rich-quick schemes that never come to anything—but finally she goes silent, and that’s when Dave becomes afraid. Mom has a way of getting very close that is repellent and appealing all at once, and he’s terrified of where it might lead.

One Saturday, a noise outside breaks the silence. A hijacker has escaped his stolen plane with a parachute, a hundred thousand dollars in cash, and one very frightened stewardess. The thief thinks he’s gotten away with it, but he doesn’t know what Dave’s mother will do for an easy payday—and a chance to make her son a happy man.

“No one has ever stopped reading in the middle of one of Jim Cain’s books.” —Saturday Review of Literature

“Nobody else has ever quite pulled it off the way Cain does, not Hemingway, and not even Raymond Chandler. Cain is a master of the change of pace.” —Tom Wolfe

“Rainbow’s End is vintage Cain, and it’s all here—the big money, the unusual circumstances, the spare, tight style, and the staccato dialogue.” —The Miami Herald

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