When Reason Sleeps by Rex Burns

When Reason Sleeps by Rex Burns

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A forcibly retired marine investigates the disappearance of a young girl

Lieutenant-Colonel Jack Steele is too honest for Washington. If any other Marine Corps investigator had noticed a congressman’s corruption, he might have kept his mouth shut. But Steele knows his ultimate duty and blows the whistle on a treasonous lawmaker, earning himself a pat on the back and a swift kick out the door. Steele returns to his hometown of San Diego, hoping for a quiet retirement. Instead he finds a chilling mystery that will make him question everything about the country he spent so long trying to protect.

While helping a friend search for his missing granddaughter, Steele makes his way to Colorado. There he uncovers a sinister satanic cult, whose acolytes relish sacrificial death, and who won’t think twice about trying to take out an honorable ex-marine.

“A skillful and sensitive writer.” - New York Times Book Review

“Burns tells a good yarn with nicely etched characters, and never fails to make his setting an integral part of his story. While keeping his prose lean and sinewy, he paints a richly lurid portrait of Denver's underbelly of vice and corruption.” - Philadelphia Inquirer

“One of our best writers of mysteries.” - Boston Globe

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