Blood and Rubles by Stuart Kaminsky

Blood and Rubles by Stuart Kaminsky

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In post–Cold War Moscow, business is booming and crime pays

Capitalism has come to Russia, and money is raining from the sky. As the trickle of cash turns to a torrent, bureaucrats become oligarchs, and the brutal Russian mafia consolidates its power. In the center of this madness is police inspector Porfiry Rostnikov, a thoughtful detective who is struggling to adjust to life in these turbulent times.

A prominent businessman is kidnapped in broad daylight, minutes after finishing the paperwork to start his latest business venture. Three children, as innocent-looking as they are savage, terrorize a slum. And tax collectors discover a cache of historic Russian treasures dating to before the Revolution, but the trove vanishes overnight. As his country races into the future, the limping policeman will have to run to keep up.

“The Ed McBain of Mother Russia.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Sweaty-palmed suspense of the best sort, built out of equal parts of likeable characters and believable dangers.” - The Washington Post Book World

“[Kaminksy] had an uncanny knack for summoning up the feel of cities and even lost eras, and doing so in a few details.” - Booklist

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