Blood Line by Rex Burns

Blood Line by Rex Burns

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When gang warfare claims his cousin, Detective Wager seeks justice

Book 10 in the Gabe Wager series

There was a time in Denver when a child’s murder was a tragedy, but now that gangs have taken hold of the city, teenage deaths are sickeningly routine. As far as homicide detective Gabriel Wager can tell, the latest victim, a thirteen-year-old boy, was a good kid, with no affiliation to any local gang. But in gangland, even innocents have a way of becoming targets.

As he investigates the boy’s murder, Wager’s aunt asks him to speak to her son Julio, a teenager who’s been cutting class and quit his after-school construction job. They fail to connect, and a few days later Julio is found executed in the same style as the previous boy, shot in the back of the head. As he tries to unravel the dual mystery, Wager finds himself deep in a callous world, where even children can be killers.

“Rugged . . . Burns tells his lean, hard story in a laconic style that somehow makes it even scarier.” - New York Times Book Review 

“This high-powered tale . . . [moves] like lightning.” - Publishers Weekly

“This typically engrossing Wager novel offers a crystalline view of urban crime and the factors that contribute to it.” - Booklist

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