Lieberman's Folly by Stuart Kaminsky

Lieberman's Folly by Stuart Kaminsky

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A pair of cops hunt the killer of the most beautiful hooker on Chicago’s North Side

On a blistering Chicago afternoon, the Cubs are winning and Abe Lieberman is waiting to meet a prostitute. This mild-mannered old police detective still has a few tricks up his sleeves—and one of them is named Estralda Valdez. One of the city’s loveliest women of the night, she is Lieberman’s most prized confidential informant, and she needs help with a psychotic john. Though they suspect she’s only paranoid, Lieberman and his partner, Bill Hanrahan, agree to watch Valdez’s back. But Hanrahan’s weakness for drinking will sabotage their plans.

Hanrahan gets soused watching Valdez’s front door, and by the time he realizes she is in danger, it’s already too late. To save the partnership and find the hooker’s killer, Lieberman and Hanrahan will have to make a journey into the darkest heart of the Windy City.

“The Kaminsky protagonist is irresistible. . . . An expertly plotted story.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Presents one of the most ‘surprise’ endings in recent murder mystery history.” —St. Petersburg Times

“[Kaminsky] outdoes himself in this smartly observed Chicago procedural.” —Kirkus Reviews

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