Lieberman's Thief by Stuart Kaminsky

Lieberman's Thief by Stuart Kaminsky

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A thief puts his life in danger when he becomes an unwitting witness to a murder scene

Harvey Rozier has planned the murder carefully. Unseen, he slips out of the concert hall and sneaks home, knowing that if all goes perfectly he will have an hour to stab his wife to death. But things don’t go smoothly, and he is pursuing the bleeding woman through the kitchen when he trips over a toolbox, and finds himself face-to-face with a shocked cat burglar. George “Pitty-Pitty” Patniks had planned his crime even more thoroughly than Rozier, but was not counting on stumbling into a homicide. He escapes before Rozier can stop him—a witness to a hideous crime that he cannot report to the police.

Long-suffering Chicago homicide detective Abe Lieberman suspects Rozier instantly, but cannot find enough proof to arrest him. To bring this killer to justice, he will have to find the thief who saw it all—before Pitty-Pitty Patniks’s mouth gets shut forever.

“Nobody writing today can mix taut suspense with a sense of creeping mortality as shatteringly as Kaminsky.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[An] entertaining tale. . . . Kaminsky draws each [character] with such succinct deftness any of them could have sufficed as a protagonist in a lesser man’s novel.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Highly recommended. . . . Kaminsky captures the sights and sounds of his Chicago setting most convincingly.” —Booklist

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