Stalking Horse by Collin Wilcox

Stalking Horse by Collin Wilcox

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A senator’s life is in danger—and anyone in San Francisco could be a killer

Senate majority leader Donald Ryan is a kingmaker, with the power to make or break presidencies, and the ability to reshape the country with a flick of his pen. He is also a very sick man, recovering from a heart attack that must be kept secret at all costs. But when a series of death threats jeopardizes his planned return to public life, the FBI calls in San Francisco police lieutenant Frank Hastings to find the would-be assassin. He has one week until the senator’s next public appearance—and hundreds of thousands of possible suspects

Because Ryan’s recent heart attack is considered a state secret, Hastings is forced to withhold crucial details from his fellow detectives. Any degree of stress could stop the senator’s fragile heart, which means that even if a bullet misses, the sound of the gunshot might be enough to kill him. To save the lawmaker, Hastings may have to put himself in the line of fire.

"Gives San Francisco an authentic urban grip the city hasn't felt since Hammett." —Booklist on Hire a Hangman

"Boils with life . . . Complex and involving." —Ross Macdonald on Disappearance

"An old pro." —Kirkus Reviews

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