The Dog Who Bit a Policeman by Stuart Kaminsky

The Dog Who Bit a Policeman by Stuart Kaminsky

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An international gang war chooses Moscow as its battlefield

Moscow police inspector Porfiry Rostnikov has adapted well to life without Communism. But under the Soviets, blood feuds were pursued in the dark halls of bureaucracy, and now they take place in the streets. An international drug ring has chosen Moscow as its next port of call, and the only thing standing in its way is the budding Russian mob, headed by a young man whose brutality is matched only by his madness. In a gang war of this magnitude, no civilian is safe.

As Rostnikov tries to stop an army of two-legged killers, his cohorts at the Moscow police department take on the four-legged variety. Dogfighting in Moscow is big business, and interests in this illegal sport stretch to the highest reaches of their corrupt department. In the new Moscow, death and profit go hand in hand.

“Kaminsky takes care not to rob the beleaguered cops of their human core—a courtesy he also extends to Moscow, which comes across as a character in its own right: rough and dangerous and somehow tragic.” - New York Times

“Kaminsky is one of the best. . . . Deliciously mordant.” - Publishers Weekly

“Sweaty-palmed suspense of the best sort, built out of equal parts of likeable characters and believable dangers.” - Washington Post Book World

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