The Glitter Dome by Joseph Wambaugh

The Glitter Dome by Joseph Wambaugh

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It’s the wildest bar in Chinatown, run by a proprietor named Wing who will steal your bar change every chance he gets. On payday the groupies mingle there with LAPD cops, including homicide detectives Martin Welborn and Al Mackey, who get assigned the case of a murdered Hollywood studio boss who may have been involved in some very strange and dangerous filmmaking.  Hilarious at times, heartbreaking at others, the New York Daily News likened the book to a “one-two combination that leaves the reader reeling.”

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The Glitter Dome is a 1984 made-for-HBO film starring James Garner, Margot Kidder and John Lithgow. The film, based on the 1981 Joseph Wambaugh Hollywood-set homicide novel, was directed by Stuart Margolin, who also scored the film and played a supporting part. The movie was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia and co-starred Colleen Dewhurst.