The Quarry by Robert L. Fish

The Quarry by Robert L. Fish

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A New York cop goes after an escaped prisoner with murder on his mind

For a hit-and-run with a stolen car, Lenny Cervera bought himself five to ten in Sing Sing. When his sentence comes down, this two-bit thug vows revenge on everyone who helped put him there. He swears to kill the judge, the district attorney, and the cop who cuffed him: Lieutenant Clancy, the toughest detective in the NYPD. But Clancy pays him no mind. Every hood talks tough when he’s going up river, but Sing Sing always breaks them down. Clancy has no idea that Lenny Cervera is about to arrange an early release.

Four convicts bust out of the prison in a provision truck and are speeding through Ossining when a local cop stops them. The encounter leaves one con dead, another injured, and the cop clinging to life. Lenny Cervera gets away. Clancy knows Cervera is coming for him. He will be waiting with a gun.

“Sharply ingenious.” —The New York Times, on the Kek Huuygens Mysteries

“Vivid, humorous, daring and shrewd.” —Anthony Boucher, on the Captain José Da Silva Mysteries

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