Body Guard by Rex Burns

Body Guard by Rex Burns

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Kirk watches nervously as a new employee goes undercover with a drug ring

Book 3 in the Devlin Kirk series

The employees at the Advantage Company have started to steal. They are angrier than they used to be, and also clumsier—accident reports have spiked. To Devlin Kirk, these are telltale signs of on-the-job drug abuse. Hired by Advantage to smash the drug ring that’s sprung up inside its factory, Kirk sends his newest employee, earnest farm boy Chris Newman, to infiltrate the company. Newman sees suspicious activity everywhere, but lacks the experience to find hard evidence. Only when Newman is tortured to death is Kirk sure that the kid was on to something.

Meanwhile, Kirk’s partner, Bunch, takes a job working as a bodyguard for a man who claims to be hunted by Japanese assassins. Kirk & Associates has a reputation of doing anything for its clients. In these two cases, the job wants blood.

“If you haven't discovered Kirk and Bunch yet, don't wait a minute longer.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Body Guard is one tough book, but engrossing.” - Mystery News

“(Burns') Denver is a gritty urban nightmare, finely re-created, decades beyond the Old West of Zane Grey and Max Brand. It's gone sleazy with a kind of casual violence that we associate with traditional fictional westerns.” - People

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