Death al Dente by Peter King

Death al Dente by Peter King

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A search for an Italian chef puts the detective on the chopping block

London’s gourmet detective is contemplating an empty bank account and, worse, an empty stomach, when a phone call solves both problems at once. Over lunch, Desmond Lansdown, world-renowned actor and burgeoning restaurateur, hires the detective for a chef-hunt, sending him to Italy to eat until he can decide which cook Lansdown should hire. It’s a demanding gig, but this detective is never one to shy away from hard work.

However, it doesn’t take long for this plush assignment to turn prickly. In between meals, the detective gets a feeling that someone is out to get him. A murdered magnate, stampeding buffalo, and a killer monk are conspiring to ruin his digestion—a shame, because it is vital to eat well when each meal could be your last.

“Wines and meals to die for.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Fast fun, delightful characters.” - Library Journal

“Read King because you like a nicely structured mystery. Read him because you love gourmet food. Either way, savor the feast he has prepared.” - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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